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One-Stop Comprehensive Concierge Services

Getting high-quality care for your clients hasn’t always been easy. That’s why we act as a bridge between personal injury firms and medical providers, including specialists and surgeons. Our firms and doctors count on us to facilitate trusting relationships that help patients when they need it most. 

Stellar Medical Management supports personal injury attorneys and their clients so they can get the critical care they need quickly and seamlessly. We offer end-to-end guidance and assistance, including administrative tasks, so that you can focus on the many pressing responsibilities at your firm. Compassionate care, open communication, and patient empowerment are vital components of the healing process.


24-Hour Telemed to Bridge the Treatment Gap

One of the ways Stellar helps bridge the treatment gap is with convenient 24-hour telemed. Accidents happen at all hours, and injuries require immediate attention. With access to 24-hour consultations, you and your client can save valuable time, reduce stress, and help avoid prolonged pain or unnecessary complications. You and your client can confidently proceed once you have professional advice on critical next steps.

Convenient Case Management

After an accident, we expedite treatment, saving you and your client time and stress. 

When you partner with Stellar, you get the following:

  • Access to 24-hour telemed
  • Real-time notifications when updates to your case are documented
  • Quickly access necessary documents through our online portal
  • Fast pharmacy orders, MRI orders, and essential prescriptions