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Elevating the healthcare experience one client at a time


Better with Stellar

We Offer 24-Hour Telemed

Stellar offers the convenience of 24-hour telemedicine services. Accidents happen at all hours, and injuries require immediate attention. With access to 24-hour consultations, you and your client can save valuable time, reduce stress, and help avoid prolonged pain or unnecessary complications. You and your client can confidently proceed once you have professional advice on critical next steps.

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Comprehensive End-to-End Concierge Medical Services

Stellar Medical Management supports attorneys and case managers when they need it most. From handling client calls to providing timely treatment updates to collecting bills and records, we relieve the administrative burden so you can put the focus back on essential responsibilities. At Stellar, we don’t see “difficult cases.” We see opportunities to support your firm, connect you to a network of qualified healthcare providers, and work toward the best outcome for everyone involved.

A Proven Process


Initial Consultation

Consultations are available 24-7 through telemed. One of our skilled medical professionals will listen to your client’s concerns and needs, review their medical records, and assess their injuries.

Care Coordination

Comprehensive care coordination means we schedule all appointments with all necessary medical providers and facilitate all treatment and next-steps. We help ensure patients get to their appointments, and we follow up afterward to address any concerns. Our aim is to assist and support patients every step of the way so they don’t shoulder the burden of constantly checking with their provider and attorney.

Ongoing Support

As the primary point of contact, we handle all communication. That means doctors and attorneys don’t have to take time out of their busy schedules to communicate with one another directly. We significantly relieve the administrative load, keeping everyone on the same page throughout the entire process.

Access the Medical Care Your Clients Deserve

Personal injury attorneys know that essential treatment goes beyond diagnostics and physical therapy. With Stellar Medical Management, your injured clients can access our growing network of medical providers to receive critical care after an accident. Our doctors are equipped to handle a wide range of treatments, including surgeries. If needed, our doctors will attest via trial deposition or testimony to the essential nature of the treatment and the validity of the billed charges.

For Physicians

As a physician in our network, we are your single point of contact throughout the entire process. We meticulously screen cases, monitor coverage, and manage collections so you can provide critical care to your patients while accelerating revenue streams.

For Attorneys

Stellar Medical Management can support your firm and case managers wherever they need it most. Whether that means handling client calls, providing updates in real time, tracking down medical records, or all of the above, we have you covered.